"I was an Air Traffic Controller for 35 years and have been doing work as an air boss since 1980.  I met Anthony Svihlik for the first time years ago when he contacted me about shadowing me during an air show.  It didn't take long for me to figure out that he had already done his homework.

Anthony has worked exceptionally hard to become the best air boss he can be.  He has learned every regulation associated with the air show industry.  He maintains updated manuals for reference and I rely on him as a great source of information and confirmation.  His in-depth knowledge of FAA Orders and Advisories is second to no other Air Boss in this industry.

Anthony has demonstrated his ability to transfer his technical knowledge to applied knowledge at several air shows that I have observed.  I have followed up with performers when Anthony has bossed shows at other locations.  I have received nothing but positive reports thru these follow-ups.

Anthony has made a special effort to get to know as many air show performers personally as he can.  Knowing performers and their flying habits enables him to build or adjust flying schedules that work in lieu of those that create work.  Anthony works very hard at knowing everything possible about the air show industry.

As a member of The International Council of Air Shows (ICAS), Anthony supports the activities and goals of this association.  He regularly attends the yearly convention and is present for the advanced air boss course and any air boss stand down seminars.  He is a true professional and highly dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and entertainment in the air show industry.  I am honored to know him and privileged to work with him."

Jim Tucciarone

Jim Tucc Airshows



"I serve as Co-Airshow Director and as a member on the Board of Directors for the Chennault International Airshow, Inc. based in Lake Charles, La.  Our Yr-2015 Airshow was 
held October 24-25 at Chennault International Airport (KCWF) and featured the USAF Thunderbirds and US Army Golden Knights.  I personally worked with Anthony Svihlik for our Yr 2015 Airshow.  Anthony worked in capacity as assigned "Air Boss" for the airshow.

I can personally vouch for Anthony's knowledge and professionalism in conducting his duties as Air Boss for our event.  His conduct and mannerisms' were always very professional with regard to subject knowledge, all safety aspects, and FAA regulations and expectations in general.  In particular, our airshow experienced inclement weather conditions, requiring last minute alterations of the overall airshow events performer schedule as a result.  Anthony worked diligently to adjust the performer schedule in a manner to maximize the show performance for our spectators within the confined limits of time imposed as a result of weather delays, etc.  This required his time and expertise in clearly communicating with all pertinent personnel, i.e., FAA regulators, airshow performers, and airshow staff.  Anthony's performance was exemplary in responding to the dynamic schedule challenges at hand with the overall goal of providing required guidance for a safe and enjoyable airshow.

Our next scheduled airshow is set for April of 2017 and we look forward to utilizing Anthony Svihlik as Air Boss for our next airshow.  I would recommend any airshow entity looking for professional air-boss services to consider Anthony Svihlik for the job."

Randal C. Liprie

Chennault International Airshow, Inc.



"Anthony Svihlik commits himself completely as a professional Air Boss and you can tell he enjoys what he does.  His pre-show briefings are extremely thorough and it's obvious that safety is always the number one priority.  Anthony works with the performers and is open for any comments to make adjustments for the safety and entertainment of all involved.  From his preparation prior to the show right through to the AeroShell Aerobatic Team departing the airspace after the show, he leaves nothing to chance. 

I highly recommend Anthony Svihlik for your air show or aviation event." 

Steve Gustafson
AeroShell Aerobatic Team


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Anthony Svihlik for the past two years.  Specifically, Anthony has supported the Naval Air Station Oceana Air Show performing duties as an Assistant Air Boss.  For the past two years, Anthony has provided his expertise to the Air Operations Department.  He aided in the review of the show's FAA waiver, helped develop the emergency response plan, and assisted in the preparation of the event's timeline and pre-show performer safety briefing.  Anthony maintains a wealth of knowledge and experience, and has been a tremendous asset in assisting me with air show operations.  His safety-first, detail-oriented approach serves as the foundation for his professional demeanor and ability.

Anthony Svihlik has my highest personnel recommendation for employment consideration with your air show organization."

Commander Jerome Morick, USN
NAS Oceana Air Operations Officer


"I had the pleasure to have Anthony Svihlik as the Air Boss for my first show as a TACDEMO pilot.  As someone who briefs day in and day out, I'm truly impressed.  His professionalism and command of the brief set the tone from the practice day to the end of the show.  The brief focused on safe execution above all else, putting no need on an emphasis to perform.  His coordination made for an extremely smooth and expeditious show despite challenging weather conditions during the weekend.  Communication was effective and extraneous comms were limited on the radio, which is a huge plus in this environment.  I look forward to working with him again."

Lieutenant Justin Grofik, USN
VFA-122 Demo Coordinator